El CERZOS a través de la Comisión de Educación, Relaciones Institucionales y Comunicación continúa con sus Seminarios del año 2016

El próximo seminario estará a cargo del estudiante de doctorado Massimo Zilio de la Universidad de Milán.

Tema: "Seed development and productivity in maize. Isolation and functional analysis of regulatory genes"
Fecha: Lunes 7 de noviembre.
Hora: 13:30 hs.
Lugar: Auditorio CERZOS-CONICET BAHIA BLANCA -  Edificio EI Camino de la Carrindanga Km 7.


Germination and early phases of plant development are important physiological phases of the plant life cycle. One of the most important factor, which allows the plant to overcome the early stages of development and reach maturity, is a correct deposition of the cuticle. Indeed, a proper cuticle formation is required for seedling vigour.

In Milan, at Università degli Studi di Milano, we are doing a functional study of genes involved in the regulation of cuticle deposition in maize in response to abiotic and biotic stress. In particular, our work is focused on ZmMYB94, a transcriptional factor encoded by the fused leaves1 (fdl1) gene and involved in cuticle deposition during embryo and seedling shoot formation.

In this short speak, will be presented some of the experiments preformed in the last two years and their results. The work involves mainly a molecular biology approach, combined with bioinformatics and classical genetic experiments.